Mitheos allows users to display their content in images, animations and videos on multiple screens at the same time from a single content management team. This system was developed to be used by users without the need to possess advanced knowledge of technology and computer science.


(Windows Version)
  • Content Downloads via Internet: You can download the contents of the menu, either images, videos or animations, from the internet.
  • Content update: With just one click you can update all the screens in the digital menu to show previous changes that have been made, without closing Mitheos and much less the store, since this content update only lasts about Few seconds.
  • Multiple menu hours (daypart): Ability to display up to ten different daypart. You can program your different menus to be displayed at different times and days.
  • Multiscreen Animation: Allows you to display an animation on several screens of the digital menu system at the same time, its scrolling can be between the menu screens.
  • Price change without the graphic of the product: As it works with animations created in Adobe Flash, it is possible to create the content of the product so that it has the advantage to modify the Price of the products without needing to edit graphs.
  • Images in High Quality: You may want to place static elements, and with the SMD you can do it, you can place static HD images in JPG format.
  • Videos: Impress your clients by showing HD Videos of your products, in MP4 format.
  • We have two versions of Mitheos, software to play content on digital screens. Version for Windows and for Android, free download the one that best suits you.

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